Autumn Frost Farm Gallery
We began with  a dream and 17 acres of land in December of 2010. While working towards our dream we found some great people to help out and lend a hand. We can't thank our family enough for helping us begin our journey. Visit us often and watch us grow!!
The begining
Hauling over 300 loads of fill
Old barn. Doors blown in and filled with the past owners treasures!
Old barn refurbished, cleaned and ready for equipment storage
Early morning
Rudy- He is the trouble maker of the group.
Little Clarice
Zoe and Clarice
Zoe and Clarice. Zoe is a month older and they have been best friends.
Rudy dances around like Rudolph does. That's how he got his name,
Clarice on top of their play hill.
Christmas time
Clarice loving the snow.
The first snow on the farm.
Zoe checking out the snow
Snowy day on the farm