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About Autumn Frost Farm
We began our "change of lifestytyle" in 2010, after we visited our first alpaca farm.  We instantly fell in love with the animals and the peaceful atmosphere. 

After searching for the right piece of land to begin our new adventure, we purchased 17 acres in Wilson, NY.  We began by refurbishing the old barn, clearing the land and building our home. 

Then came the beginning of our farm.  We purchased our first alpacas, three crias (babies) in the Spring of 2012.  While we were waiting for their arrival to our farm, we were busy getting their barn and pastures ready.  The day finally came when we were able to bring them to their new home in October, where they settled in nicely.

In September we also purchased some chicks for egg laying.  We raised them in a pen in the garage until they were old enough to move out to their coop. of our "hens" was a rooster!  We are now just waiting for our first eggs! 

We are now enjoying the peaceful lifestyle that we fell in love with after that first alpaca farm visit!  We will continue to grow and expand our farm, and welcome you to stop by and visit our animals.

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Committed to raising quality and healthy alpacas and livestock.